Teach - Inspire - Motivate

If the words children hear, and sing, and say have an impact on their lives, why not make it a GOOD one
Pat Fields Kilgore

Dance Education Songs

Designed To Instruct, Uplift, And Encourage

Provide positive, wholesome, child friendly songs that help children learn in many ways. Empower your little ones. Watch their confidence and skill levels expand as they discover they CAN learn and remember their lessons. They have fun singing the songs filled with positive values like following directions, listening to the teacher, taking turns, and respect and consideration for others. In addition, they will learn some terminology, a little dance history and practice proper beginning technique geared to their physical capabilities.

Fun To Learn! Fun To Teach! Fun To Perform!

Dance Education Books

Used as a Practice & Study Aid, a Dance Education Book enhances the child's understanding and retention of the skills covered in ways that support learning.
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